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Just a short introduction on the what and why of this site.

I plan on using this site as a way to externalize thoughts, reflections, and work in my development journey. I'm starting this as a Senior Software Engineer working in yocto to orchestrate linux and application builds for embedded systems. This isnt where I started, though. I actually went to school for Chemical Engineering and during the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, I took the leap to change careers into something that more aligned with my work-life goals, hobbies, and stability in life.

As for my plans for this blog, I would like to maintain a weekly (or at least multiple times a month) recount of things I discover on-the-job that make my dev life better, conversations I have with other engineers, big lessons, and the occasional side project. To mark the birth of my blog:

I look forward to seeing how this reflection works and I hope any who stumble upon this are able to find inspiration or a fun read.

Possible up next:

  • discuss kakoune (and possibly helix as a comparison)

... Is there a good way to end these?